Top 10 Fashion Show Picks:Zac Posen fall 2009 RTW

Zac Posen

“I’m not into robotic, idealizations, of sexuality. I want emotion.”

“For this season it’s about creating your own existence, as an artist living today.”

~Zac Posen at his 2009 fall show






The mood for this fashion show was set of what was to come, when audience members had 5 grand pianos, playing on the runway. You knew right then, what was coming down the runway would be romantic, beautiful and luxurious. The way every woman loves to feel, when she puts on a piece of clothing.

Zac Posen is a designer who’s not afraid of taking risks, but his risks pay off greatly. In fact he has become one of the favorite designers for young Hollywood starlets, like Rachel Bilson and Clair Danes. This New York native with an education, from one of the most prestigious schools in London, Central Saint Martins; has become a regular on the red carpet and quickly becoming a household name. After his first major runway show in 2004, he was awarded the CFDA Swarovski-Perry Ellis Award for “Ready-to-Wear.” Not a small achievement for a young talented designer. As for his immediate future, he has the showing of his spring 2010 collection, this week at Fashion Week, fragrance and diffusion lines, sometime this year.

At the Show

Actress Clair Danes who was asked “Who do you play, wearing his clothes?” “I’ve assumed many guises wearing his different dresses. They’re always feminine though, they’re always sexy.”

Actress and designer Rachel Bilson, was also at the show and asked “When would you wear Zac Posen?” “How about right now,” with a girlish laugh.

Other famous faces in attendance, Alicia Keys, Joy Bryant, Sandra Bernhard, Rachel Zoe, to name a few.

Audience Review

“He’s giving something beautiful.”

“Just what I needed.”

“Very sexy, very up-lifting.”

“Sweet and sophisticated.”

I couldn’t agree more, for a full view of the 44 piece collection, go to for part 1 of the fashion show.  for part 2.

Enjoy! XOXO,
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Picture Credits: Zac Posen himself, Fashion show pictures,

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Hairstyle & Makeup of the Week: Demi Lavato & Selena Gomez

Demi Lavato's Hair

To get Demi’s hair in this picture, you’re going to need:

A Straightener


Heat Protective Spray

3 Hair Clips

I picked this hairstyle because I like it together, with the outfit I posted yesterday. Start by sectioning off your hair, into three uneven parts (even doesn’t make curls last); two at the top, split where you part your hair and the third section is at the bottom.

Start by spraying the bottom section with the heat protective spray, then take medium sized pieces of hair and curl away from the face; starting at the top slide down as you curl. When you finish each section, run your fingers through the curls a bit and continue this process, until each section is done.

Once your hair is done, spray with hairspray and run your finger through your hair again. The end result should look like a wave, with a slight curl.  

Selena Gomez makeup


I chose Selena Gomez for makeup. It was only natural to pick her, since I featured Demi’s hairstyle above; so I decided to keep these real besties together on my blog. I really just like how natural and young the makeup is, especially for a day look at school; the look is quick and perfect for a young girl. The tutorial below will give you all the information you will need to get Selena’s look.

Kandee Johnson is the makeup artist in the video. This is the second time, I have chosen one of her videos to feature on my blog. I think she’s great; while she shows you “how to,” she gives you some really useful tips. You can find her at,

Enjoy! XOXO,
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Picture Credits: Demi Lavato, Selena Gomez,

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Look of the Day: Back to School

Summer is now over and it’s time for our children, to go back to school. With every new school year, comes a new wardrobe; and with that in mind, I dedicated this post to the new school year. I love this outfit; it’s trendy but can easily become an individual look. Leave it to our children to make it their own by adding a scarf, some silver necklaces in different lengths or big hoop earrings. The choices for this outfit are endless. I added the price list for the picture above and found some of these items on a budget. The price list is added below with pictures of the items.

Price List:

Cap sleeved t-shirt, $97 –

Plaid Tie Corset, $23 –

Swami’s Beach Jeans, $50 –

Buffalo Lace Shoe by Wet Seal, $15 –

Twill Fedora, $13 –

Studded Bangles Bracelet, $29 –

Basic Messenger Bag, $25 –

On a Budget:

Solid Puff Sleeve Tee, $6.50 –

Levi’s 513 Boyfriend Jeans, $29.29 –

Mudd Silver-Tone Multi-strand Cuff, $9.80 –

Have a great school year!

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Coveted Item: Harry Winston Jewelry

Switzerland Jewels

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”

~Harry Winston


…And you can’t help but stare, at the beautiful jewelry he’s designed. The stones and the settings are impeccable, and so lovely; that any woman wearing them looks more beautiful. I think it’s wrong when people say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” It should be,

 “Harry Winston jewels, are a girl’s best friend.”

Harry Winston is the top jewelry brand for millionaires. The doors to the lavish jewelry, have been opened since 1932 in New York City and has since expanded its Salon’s in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei, to name a few.

Harry Winston Bauble ring

Harry Winston is best known for being the jeweler to the stars. Many of his pieces have been worn on the red carpet and movies like “Sex and the City.” Winston started the practice of loaning his jewelry back in 1943, when he loaned Jennifer Stone a set of gems to wear to the Oscars. On award nights Harry Winston lends out about $200 million in jewelry; but if you’re ever in the market for Harry Winston jewels, you can find a pair of one carat diamond drop earrings for $4,000. After that, the prices range well into the multi-millions.


Diamond Drop Earrings

Sharon Stone thought she scored a Harry Winston gift. A $400,000 necklace she wore to the Oscars. Harry Winston said, “It was a loan”. Sharon Stone claimed it as a gift and took the matter to court. It eventually settled, with Sharon Stone giving the necklace back and Harry Winston donating to some of her charities. I don’t think that saved her, from the embarrassment. One gal, who really scored a Harry Winston for keeps, was Jennifer Lopez, when she became engaged to fellow actor Ben Affleck; although the engagement was short lived, she still got to wear a gorgeous pink diamond ring, which is estimated to have cost Ben over a million.

An interesting fact I found about Harry Winston, is that he owned the well known Hope Diamond, which he later donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. It is said, that this stunning necklace would bring misfortune to anyone who possessed it. Maybe, this is why the necklace had so many well known owners, until its final resting place in the Smithsonian. For the fascinating history on this necklace go to 

Check out more of Harry Winston’s jewelry at

The only adult photo of Mr.Winston released to the public. First appeared in his 1978, NY. obituary.

The only adult photo of Mr.Winston released to the public. First appeared in his 1978, NY. obituary.

Picture Credits: Sapphire & Diamond set, Diamond drop earrings, Harry Winston,



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Update: Tori Spelling’s Agate Necklace

Agate Necklace from HSN

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about the agate necklace as my “Must have of the week,” that I purchased from Tori Spellings collection on HSN. I finally received my long awaited shipment a week ago. It’s taken me this long to give you an update, because I wanted to make a fair assessment of the product.

I anticipated the arrival of my new purchase with high hopes. At the same time, I was nervous because if I had made a “foolish” purchase (according to my husband), I wouldn’t hear the end of it. When I finally received the package in the mail, the nerves came over me and I slowly opened the box. When I finally got to the necklace, I found myself feeling a bit disappointed. I loved the necklace in the pictures and on TV; but in person it was just okay. Maybe it’s because I paid $50, that I expected more.

I took the necklace out and examined it. It felt like costume jewelry but a bit heavier; a possible attempt to make the necklace feel more expensive. The links on the necklace are not sealed, which means with prolonged wear, the links will pull apart and come un-done. The gold on the necklace is a little too yellow for me; it screams “I’m really fake.” The combination of the gold color and the size of the links make it look like “rappers bling”. As for the agate, it looked better in the picture. When I put the necklace on to show my family, their first comment was “um… It’s okay.” Then my husband added, “It looks cheap.”Just the words I wanted to hear after my “rebellious moment,” in purchasing the necklace, knowing it could cause an argument.

I did wear the necklace out, without the agate and ring. I wore it on the side without the stones; I found that it kept tangling up and flipping over, showing the fancy side. I had to adjust it often in the few hours I wore it.

Overall, it’s an okay necklace. I found really good use for the agate, ring and clasp. I used them on other necklaces I own. Basically my $50 bought me a clasp, agate and a ring charm…. So what is the moral of the story, don’t believe everything you see on TV, or in a picture for that matter.  What’s that saying I always close with “Go shopping, but make wise choices,” hmm. I need to take my own advice.

I love Tori Spelling and I can’t say anything about the other jewelry in her collection; but I will say that this necklace was not for me. Today I’ll close with this.

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Hairstyle and Makeup of the Week

Kourtney Kardashian dining at Rao's


Some days, my life gets a little more than I can handle and I can’t find the time to fit everything in. Yesterday my blog suffered, but today I’m back; and ready to give you, the hairstyle and makeup for this week’s look.

This week I chose Kourtney Kardashian for hairstyle, she has a soft loose curl look with a side part, which is exactly how I saw the completed look in my mind. Each week when I put together an outfit, I also think about hair and makeup that works best for the completed look. I call it “virtual styling.”

I added a video, to show you exactly how to get the look. The girl in the video shows you a method, where you take pieces of hair out from different sections, while holding it in a ponytail. However, she doesn’t explain why she does this; so, I will go ahead and tell you the method behind the madness.

When you section off your hair in different levels for curling, you create a longer- lasting curl with body to your hair. My hairstylist gave me this tip and I’ve used it since; and my curls last all day. Before, my curls would last about an hour (very frustrating!). I don’t like spraying a can of hairspray in my hair for it to hold.


I chose a grayish-plum eye for this outfit. When I did a side-by side of makeup and outfit, it was perfect. The outfit is airy and soft, the hairstyle has soft curls, so the makeup is a bit darker, not too much, because it’s still considered a day look. The makeup gives the look a bit of an edge. I love this video, she gives you some really good tips and her makeup looks beautiful.

Enjoy! XOXO,
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Look Of The Day: Boots & Dress

Keeping in the tradition of emerging trends, I put together this look with a pair of boots. I realize it’s still a little warm, so a kept it light and airy, with this beautifully embellished tunic. I also went ahead and provided a “on a budget”; and let me tell you it is almost identical to the original look, for far less than the designer dress alone.

Enjoy! XOXO…

 Price List (pictured above):

Dress: Antik Batik embellished draped wool, $469 –

Boots: Black high suede cuffed tassel boots, by Philosophy di Alberta, $741 –

Coat: Celine wool-blend knit wrap coat, $1,300 –

Handbag: Suede tote with zipper detailing, $1,160 –

Bracelet Set: Thandi, $9.80 –

Eyewear: Marni oversized acetate sunglasses, $355 –

On A Budget:

Dress: Love21 Kimono sleeve dress, p.4, $22.80 –

Necklace (for embellishment): Linked jeweled necklace, $14.80 –

Boots: Jones New York cozy suede boot, $99.95 –

Handbag: Light brown Vintage hand woven designer inspired hobo handbag, $42.95 –


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